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A Bit About Us

Mitchell's Waste Oil's collect and recycle waste cooking oil free of charge. Used Cooking Oil Collections can be made at a time and on a schedule to suit you, either weekly, fortnightly, monthly or on request. All that we require is that a minimum volume of 60 litres of Waste cooking oil is ready for recycling. We provide you with blue bins in which to store your waste or you can re use the containers your fresh oil comes in (please ensure any cans or tubs are sealed for transport). The Environment agency requires that oil be stored securely and that it is disposed of responsibly with licensed waste carriers. Your proof of this is your duty of care waste note which will be left on site at each collection. This should be retained for a minimum period of two years.

 Please call us on 0113 473 3572 or fill out the contact form if you require our services.

Oils should be free of water and food wastes to ensure recycling is as efficient as possible. Your oils or fats will be collected and recycled responsibly by us wherever possible into biodiesel at our production facility in Leeds or sent for alternative recycling to other licensed facilities. Our collection vehicles also use biodiesel to provide an ultra low emission service to your business.

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